Friday, September 18, 2009

The Clueless Tourist

It's one thing to look at a map, even write notes about street names, and think you can find your way. It's not so easy to actually do it when you're walking on winding streets that change names nearly every block. And when most blocks have a trattoria, a tobacco shop, a gallery, a market and a gift shop, it's darn near impossible. There are no street signs per se - just plaques on the sides of buildings close to the corner, plus some signs pointing the way to major landmarks.
So nearly every day I got sort of lost. I'd be aiming for someplace, looking for a street name and hoping for the best. And several times, I'd just about give up and decide to find my way back to the hotel and either get my bearings there or give up on my original plan. And then, to my wondering eyes would appear the exact piazza or museum I was looking for.
This just proves that God watches over fools and clueless tourists.

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